Inspections and problem solving

Site inspections.

The team has over 50 years of experience of determining the cause of site failures and where possible advising appropriate measures to solve the problem(s).

Common tasks include:-


  • Determining the cause of glass fracture.
  • Identifying the cause of insulated glass unit failure.
  • Leak detection and prevention.
  • Identification of laminated glass failure and degradation (delamination).
  • Inspection prior to the end of the latent defect period.




Factory Inspections.

CCL has worked widely with glass processors in Europe, Middle East, China and the USA providing quality assurance and project vetting services. Therefore if you are considering a new glazing supplier, or have concerns over the quality of existing products CCL are equipped to assist.

CCL has a range of specialist survey equipment that can be used in the laboratory or on site.

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