Glass testing

CCL has a range of test facilities for both in-house and on-site testing, including:-

  • EN 12600 (Drop Tyre)
  • BS 6180: 2011, balustrade deflection testing
  • High Temperature test (Bake Test)
  • Tensile testing (Tensometer)
  • Glass compressive stress (SCALP and GASP)
  • Roller Wave (Ripple)
  • Laminate adhesion (Pummel test and adhesion meter)
  • Slip resistance testing (Wessex Pendulum)

PIC: Balustrade test rig + SCALP + drop tyre


We have a range of calibrated specialist survey equipment for laboratory and site use, including:

  • SCALP (Scattered Light Polariscope)
  • GASP® (Grazing Angle Surface Polarimeter)
  • 3 point roller wave gauge (up to 420mm pitch)
  • UV-A & UV-B measurements
  • X –Rite Colour meter